Your Voice in Harrisburg


For too long, legislators in Harrisburg have put the needs of corporations and lobbyist money before the concerns of their constituents. If elected on November 6th, Betsy will be the voice for PA-30’s working families and will fight for all of us on the following issues and many more:

Health Care

People should have access to the doctors and hospitals they need.  A good first step is making sure Pennsylvania adopts “Any Willing Payer” legislation. This means that a provider shouldn’t care whose logo is on their patient’s insurance card.  Patients should not suffer due to organizations that value their own pocketbooks over caring for the community.

We must protect and bolster the Affordable Care Act.  The ACA is an important program that improves the health and lives of over a million Pennsylvanians; we can't afford to leave those citizens unprotected from the astronomical cost of health care in our system. One solution Betsy supports for bolstering the ACA is to enact a state level insurance mandate.

Betsy believes access to quality health care is a right, not a privilege, and in Harrisburg she will fight against efforts to allow insurance companies to once again discriminate against patients with pre-existing conditions, protect Medicaid from drastic cuts, and curb soaring prescription drug prices.

The Economy

Pennsylvania’s citizens deserve an economy that works for everyone. That is why Betsy will support Governor Wolf’s plan to increase the minimum wage to $12 an hour immediately with the goal of reaching $15 an hour by 2024. We can put more Pennsylvanians back to work immediately by funding infrastructure projects and strengthening our state’s public transportation networks. We know that spending on infrastructure is not only the best way of using government resources to actually grow our economy and create jobs, but it also makes our state a better and safer place to live or do business.Betsy is committed to making sure our state’s large corporations pay their fair share. Betsy supports legislation to close loopholes in our tax code, like the Delaware loophole.


All children deserve access to high quality public education, regardless of their zip code.  Currently, Pennsylvania only provides 37% of what it costs to educate students in public K-12 schools; the national average is closer to 50%. When Harrisburg fails to fund our schools, local school boards are forced to make up the difference by raising property taxes. This needs to stop. Betsy will fight for Harrisburg to prioritize public education funding including pre-K, apprenticeships and undergraduate programs. Our youth are the future of Pennsylvania. They are worth the investment.

Overdose Epidemic

The overdose epidemic is one of our community’s most urgent concerns- The time for Harrisburg to seriously respond to this crisis is long overdue. We need to focus on treatment, not incarceration. Our police and first responders need real solutions from Harrisburg to save lives. That is why Betsy supports developing specialized overdose response teams who can provide overdose prevention training, train people to use naloxone, and help connect individuals and families fighting addiction to effective treatment. Further, Betsy supports strategies to address not only the misuse of pain medication, but also the increasing number of deaths from fentanyl and heroin. Making these changes will save countless lives and prevent further suffering.

The Environment

Harrisburg has sold us out to fracking lobbyists and polluters.  We need to implement a severance tax and bring our environmental protections up to par with other states by establishing and enforcing standards of wastewater disposal and requiring regular safety inspections of fracking activities. That’s how we’ll keep our drinking water clean and our families healthy.

Government Reform

Betsy believes elected representatives should be working for their communities, listening to and advocating for the people who voted them into office and pay their salaries. Unfortunately, our representatives have too often failed to meet that expectation. Their priorities and their votes are guided more by lobbyists, big business, and party politics and she can’t stand by and allow that to continue. In Harrisburg, Betsy will support the Fair Districts PA legislation to end political gerrymandering once and for all.  We need an independent commission to draw our district lines through a nonpartisan, transparent process so that every vote counts.